Where did Stinky come from?
Stinky Dog started as gift of love from a starving artist to her soon-to-be-husband.
An old tweed coat, found in the garbage can of the laundromat where she
worked, was sewn into a stuffed dog...which became art and innocently
turned into it's own brand.

Stinky Dog moved from the Portland Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon
to the teeny, tiny town of Northville, New York...

Tons of cool people stopped by...many became Stinky artists....

Stinky's dream is to someday make a huge contribution to support Christian relief work
for the poor, cancer research, animals, and many other meaningful charities.

What about Sam the Stinky artist?
She gives all credit and praise to God for her Stinky abilities. She also gives great
thanks to her loving family and all the great Stinky supporters (she loves each and
every one!).

Sam now lives with her family in Niskayuna, NY and continues to design, write, and
draw for Stinky Dog and his many adventures.

Stink On!